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Seeker of Poetic Clarity


I’m here to share stories and art that reach down into the protected crevices we avoid, due to fear of what we will find there. It’s easy and yet so hard, and that is the paradox. That is why I am a seeker of poetic clarity. My hope is that I might touch someone enough for them to open up and allow hope, peace, love and joy to grow inside. I think it is time to do that, to not turn our gaze away from the crevices, but instead to seriously voice what scares us. Only then will we see the hope, the peace, the love and the joy that were there all the time, right behind that big, terrifying monster.

I adore words and poetry. I love metaphor, fables and parables. My perfect day is focused on seeking and reaching the perfect descriptive phrase that paints a picture in your head, and at the same time, reveals a profound truth in your heart. And so, I write.

I am equally passionate about pictures, especially the pure ones, the ones that send a message beyond the subject matter. I believe “less is more” and long for imagery that says what is needed and then lets the viewer be. Let the observer fill in the gaps from their experiences. Don’t tell them how it is, let them reveal to themselves the story they are ready to see. And so, I create images.


poetry, parables, metaphor, fables, vector illustration, Unity, peace, love, hope, joy, animals, nature, truth, new thought